Mango-Almond Energy Balls

Snacking… a habit that is hard to break. So instead of setting ourselves on a “not to do diet”, why not exchange our snacking habits with nutritious, energising foods?

If you would like a little help to get you started on eating well, detoxing and learning how to create energy balls and other raw foods – join my friend and Yoga teacher Noelia and me on a one week Portugal retreat this year! We offer 5 dates in 2017 and promise, you will have an unforgettable week. For more infos:

Energy Balls are one of the foods that I like to add into my diet transform my snacking habit into actual nutritional benefit. You will find thousands of recipes out there for Energy Balls. I am on a mission to try them all. And end up mixing the recipes together and adding my own favourite ingredients. Once I understood the base of those recipes, no one could hold me back anymore!


Let me share with you this very simple recipe. It took me about half an hour to create those wonderful goodies.

What you need:

  • a food processor (mine is of a standard quality, it cost me under 150€)
  • dried organic mango with no added sugar or preservatives (I order mine from – organic, fair and direct trade)
  • dried organic raisins – or in Switzerland: Migros
  • organic virgin coconut oil – in Switzerland: Migros, alnatura brand
  • organic almond butter – in Switzerland: Migros, alnatura brand
  • organic oat flakes – in Switzerland: Migros
  • organic dried ginger – in Switzerland: Migros
  • organic dried turmeric – I bought it in Ireland in a health food shop. Any health food shop should have turmeric (also called “curcuma”, it’s the same thing)


100g = 1½ cup dried mango

50g = ½ cup raisins

100g = 1 cup oat flakes

4 tbsp melted coconut oil – melted in a water bath (put the coconut oil in a jar and place the jar in a pan with hot water, let slowly melt – melting point is around 36°C)

4 tbsp almond butter

Blend everything in your food processor for about 1 minute. The dried mangos are quite hard to break down. Your dough will become a slighty sticky consistency. That’s when it is ready:


Now add the dried ginger and dried turmeric, mixing everything with your hands. Once well incorporated, start to form little balls – press the dough in your hands and form them – you won’t be able to roll them as they are quite brittle.


Let them sit for a few hours – overnight would be best. The coconut oil will firm up and hold the energy balls together.




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