Mid-Afternoon Lift-me-up Cacao-Smoothie

Do you know this feeling around 3pm, where you feel so tired you could fall asleep wherever you are at? I call it the mid-afternoon down. My body seems to remember back in the days where I was still allowed to have an afternoon-nap and kinda wants to force me into getting back into that habit. Which of course, does not really comply with my daily rhythm these days.Afternoon lows right after eating are often conected with foods, that are hard to digest and take all our energy – like gluten, animal protein, processed fats. We then go for coffee, tea and sugar – release adrenalin through those stimulants and don’t feel the fatigue anymore. We are at the same time over-using our body’s energy and where that may leads – well we know it. Burn-out. By the way – I have not yet figured out the low at 3pm or later – when digestion has already pretty much done its job. Any ideas are very much appreciated! Within the system of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), the organ most active between 3-5pm is the bladder. A disruption of overall energy might be related with a blockage in the bladder-kidney meridian. Something to look into for sure. (By the way: between 1-3pm, just after lunch – the most active organ is the small intestin. Now guess which organ first starts digesting your food? Yes. The small intestine.)

As I am trying to stay away from coffee for many reasons (but the two main health concerns I am aware of that are directly related to coffee are adrenal fatigue and a ph that is too acid – I will write another time, why the ph of our body is so important to our health, and very easily regulated with healthy food choices) – so as I am trying to stay away from coffee, I am constantly looking for alternatives that are not sugary sweets! Raw cacao comes into play as well as bananas, maca, hemp seeds and so on. Natural sweet, nutrient dense foods as well as proteins that are easily assimilated by the human body (like hemp).

Fichier 03.03.17 15 47 58.jpeg

Most of the smoothies I make are with rice or almond milk. As this is a very tasty choice, it has two things that bother me – the price and the sugar content. Those ready made drinks are highly processed and hence are pretty high in sugar as well – and no, I would not call that “natural” sugar, even though it is. So I try to make my lift-me-up smoothie with water but still get that “smoothie-consistency”. Almond butter is the solution. And here comes the recipe.

Fichier 03.03.17 15 47 29.jpeg

What you need:

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tbsp raw cacao poweder
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup (This depends on how sweet you are used to have your food, you might want to add more maple syrup or you want to lower the amount. Try it out!)
  • 2.5 dl water

Add shelled hemp seeds for an extra portion of protein.

Put everything in your blender and pulse for about 1-2 minutes. Enjoy mindfully.




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