Healthy Snacking: bread with avocado, sundried tomatoes & homemade sprouts

I don’t always and only eat healthy. I love bread and cheese, like almost every “normal” Swiss person. But I always try to find a more nutritious alternative than what is convenient. I try to have living foods at home like water kefir, kombucha and sprouts. I make sure I have healthy fat alternatives like extra virgin olive oil and avocado, almond butter or peanutbutter somewhere in storage. And I eat mindfully – I allow myself to not always eat “clean” but I enjoy every bite. At the end of the day – what a privilege to have all this choice. Might we make it a joy to have and enjoy the foods we are gifted with.

Fichier 07.03.17 16 32 35.jpeg

My boyfriends loves Brioche, a type of white bread with eggs and butter in it. Two things I definitely avoid 100% in processed foods – I do eat eggs but only the ones from my lovely neighbour’s organic chicken. But anyway, he loves it, so from time to time he buys himself that bread. And this afternoon, when I got hungry my eye felt on the Brioche. And my mind went – how I might make this a healthy snack? The answer came quick: with avocado, sundried organic tomatoes and SPROUTS.. Learn how to make these amazing little miracles in my blog post “Why you should be starting to grow your own sprouts right now“.

I was very pleased with myself…

What you need:

  • 1 piece of bread
  • 1/4 avocado
  • 1 sundried tomato cut in 4 pieces (make sure you buy organic ones, soaked in olive oil without any preservatives in it)
  • homemade sprouts

I don’t think you need any explanation how to assemble those ingredients… so enjoy!

Fichier 07.03.17 16 33 03.jpeg


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