The very simple detox smoothie

Today I share with you my most simple and oh so tasty detox smoothie. Who wouldn’t want to have eaten (almost) all their greens already for breakfast – and have it tasting like an apple dessert with roasted nuts? I also love this smoothie in the afternoon as a gentle nourishment and pick-my-energy-up booster.

The beauty about green smoothies is, they taste like a dessert but have the nutrition of a healthy meal. Because that’s what they are – through and through just plain healthy. And soooo easy to make. Seriously. Get yourself a blender and you are ready to go!

Detox smoothie ingredients .jpeg


  • a big handful of fresh organic spinach leaves
  • an organic apple
  • a cup of organic unsweetened almond milk
  • one medjool date or 2-3 normal dates, pitted – organic
  • a big tablespoon of shelled hemp seeds – organic
  • about a quarter of a teaspoon of chlorella powder – check your supplier for the best quality, some cheaper chlorella powders are contaminated with toxins.

Blend for about one minute on high speed and it’s done!

Detox smoothie.jpeg

Why am I putting the emphasis on organic? Well obviously – this is supposed to be a detox smoothie. All the ingredients are in their own way either directly related to remove toxins from your body or/and are deeply nourishing. You do not want to add any chemicals remaining on non-organic produce into your body. Absolute no-go.

Chlorella is an algae that helps to remove any toxins that are related to metals in the air or the ground – chlorella is especially useful if you are living in a city and are frequently exposed to polluted air. For a trusted chlorella supplier, check out Iswari:

And read the label on your almond milk. All you want in it is: water, almonds and seasalt. NOTHING else. I also make sure the almonds come from Europe as I live in Switzerland and am trying to buy as local as possible.

Almond milk ingredients.jpeg

I make this smoothie now in spring about 3-4 times a week. It is my cheating way of having a chlorella detox that just does not taste so nice in plain water! 🙂

Have a wonderful day and let me know if you liked this smoothie!

Sonia Sarina


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