Sonia Sarina Foto

Hi, my name is Sonia Sarina Birrer. I am born on September 20th 1984 in Switzerland and spent most of my time in this wonderful country nestled inbetween beautiful mountains, green grass and glacier water streams… At the age of around 27 years I left Switzerland to live in Ireland. At that time I was running my former partner’s start-up, working mainly on the computer, managing the operational daily business as well as coordinating designer, producers, sales representatives and so on, internationally. It didn’t really matter where I was living and I felt called to Ireland. I spent three years in this magical country and set up my first business venture, which was a small organic tea shop in the middle of Cork City. With a little help from two amazing employees, we made The Tea Shop the place to be for organic loose leaf teas. Yet, my job as a manager was not yet what I felt called to and I decided with tears in my eyes but a light heart, to move on, close the shop and go on an adventure of discovering who I really am and what I am here for to do. I spent three month in Switzerland, then three month in Portugal, then back to Switzerland. It wasn’t until June 2016, when I finally signed up to become an Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach, that I truly felt I was following my calling. I am so happy to share my experiences and professional training with you. Don’t hesitate to contact me to get to know more about my services and my background. I am curious to find out how I might be of support to you.

Check out my main page to contact me: https://www.soniasarina.com