The very simple detox smoothie

Today I share with you my most simple and oh so tasty detox smoothie. Who wouldn't want to have eaten (almost) all their greens already for breakfast - and have it tasting like an apple dessert with roasted nuts? I also love this smoothie in the afternoon as a gentle nourishment and pick-my-energy-up booster. The … Continue reading The very simple detox smoothie


Nutfree Lemon-Maca Energy Balls

I react sensitive to too many nuts... unfortunately "too many" can be as little as a handful. So I try to create recipes without nuts from time to time, yet with the same benefits of healthy fats that I  am craving for! 😊 These nutfree, sugar free and of course vegan energy balls were surprisingly … Continue reading Nutfree Lemon-Maca Energy Balls

Banana-Carob Smoothie

Another smoothie... a quick one. Takes literally less than 3 minutes to prepare. But what you do need to do - freeze bananas. Buy some organic bananas that have gone brown (you should get those half prize! 🙂 or simply let them ripen at home. Cut them into tide little circles, put them into a … Continue reading Banana-Carob Smoothie


Healthy Snacking: bread with avocado, sundried tomatoes & homemade sprouts

I don't always and only eat healthy. I love bread and cheese, like almost every "normal" Swiss person. But I always try to find a more nutritious alternative than what is convenient. I try to have living foods at home like water kefir, kombucha and sprouts. I make sure I have healthy fat alternatives like … Continue reading Healthy Snacking: bread with avocado, sundried tomatoes & homemade sprouts


Keep-me-Happy Purple Smoothie

Do you like peanut butter? Do you like blueberries? Are you always hungry in the afternoon? Do you want to change your snacking habits? Less sugar more nutrition? Then here we go!! This smoothie is simple and very quick with only two main ingredients plus water. And pssst... secret: also a great lift-me-up breakfast in … Continue reading Keep-me-Happy Purple Smoothie


Mid-Afternoon Lift-me-up Cacao-Smoothie

Do you know this feeling around 3pm, where you feel so tired you could fall asleep wherever you are at? I call it the mid-afternoon down. My body seems to remember back in the days where I was still allowed to have an afternoon-nap and kinda wants to force me into getting back into that … Continue reading Mid-Afternoon Lift-me-up Cacao-Smoothie


Carrot-Ginger-Orange Juice

I am not a big fan of jucing in winter - simply because it weakens our kidney qi, which already has a hard time in winter with most of our digestive fire on very low flame... Yet I felt I needed an energy boost and stomach soother at the same time - so chocolate was … Continue reading Carrot-Ginger-Orange Juice