The very simple detox smoothie

Today I share with you my most simple and oh so tasty detox smoothie. Who wouldn't want to have eaten (almost) all their greens already for breakfast - and have it tasting like an apple dessert with roasted nuts? I also love this smoothie in the afternoon as a gentle nourishment and pick-my-energy-up booster. The … Continue reading The very simple detox smoothie


Banana-Carob Smoothie

Another smoothie... a quick one. Takes literally less than 3 minutes to prepare. But what you do need to do - freeze bananas. Buy some organic bananas that have gone brown (you should get those half prize! 🙂 or simply let them ripen at home. Cut them into tide little circles, put them into a … Continue reading Banana-Carob Smoothie

Warming Autumn Smoothie

When I create any nutrition I am also thinking in the back of my head, what I want to achieve, how do I want to nurture my body & soul? In this case I was looking for a seasonal warming recipe. Using seasonal ingredients ensures the wisdom of nature to have its saying in my nutritional choices. Seasonal ingredients are the best choice to live in balance with ones environment.