Wild Spinach Pesto

This one is a winner at all my lunches!! I LOVE wild food. Not only is it fun to gather, free and bursting with flavour but it also is in its original state, full of minerals and vitamins. I am lucky enough to live in the Swiss mountains and there is a batch of wild … Continue reading Wild Spinach Pesto


Raw Cauliflower Soup with Red Pepper Paté

The first thing I noticed apart from the beautiful colours was the intense taste!! Raw Food tastes different and totally exotic to me... I loved those aromatic flavours!   Cauliflower Soup   1/2 cauliflower 1 tin coconut milk (2 cups) 1/2 lemon, juice 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 inch fresh ginger fresh herbs from our … Continue reading Raw Cauliflower Soup with Red Pepper Paté