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“PURE TEAS” is the little sister of “Pure Teas Cork”, an independent tea shop founded in 2012 in Cork City, Ireland. When I decided to move back to Switzerland end of 2014,I closed The Tea Shop and opened an Online Shop instead. PURE TEAS teas are special. They are selected with love and knowledge and are all packed by myself. I only order European Organic Certified teas and herbs. The regulations to actually name a tea “organic” go way beyond its original certification. At the moment, I am in the process to get the official Swiss Organic label. In the meantime, they will arrive without any label until I am officially allowed to use the label as a reseller.

All teas are available only in the Online Shop. If you are running a coffee shop, a tea shop, or else and are interested in reselling those lovely teas, send me an email.

Check out my main page for all the information: https://www.soniasarina.com